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The characters

Meet the HCS Members

The High Crime Society is 8,000 algorithmically generated & unique HCS Members with over 130 different hand drawn traits.

HCS Members have looks ranging from the street goon to the gentleman. They all have a rank assigned by the Boss of all Bosses which influences their appearance.

The lore

What is High Crime Society?

The metaverse is rapidly expanding throughout the years and many businesses are blooming. Apes, lions and punks are currently having a monopoly on the secondary markets and The Boss of all Bosses doesn’t appreciate this buffoonery. It is why He assembled all the different crime organizations of the metaverse and thus established the High Crime Society.

The Boss of all Bosses does not care which family is the most powerful in his ranks. He will be assigning different ranks amongst his 8,000 most trustworthy members and expects total loyalty, honor and respect to his Society.

Climb the ladder of the Society

The Ranking System

The Boss of all Bosses has divided his members into four ranks. The Soldiers are at the bottom of the hierarchy while the Bosses are at the top.

The Soldier

Also known as the Untouchables, the Soldiers are the ones doing the dirty work for the Society.

The Captain

The Captains have total control over their crew of Soldiers. They are in charge of keeping their men in line.

The Underboss

The Underbosses are responsible for running the day-to-day businesses of the Society. They make sure the crypto keeps flowing within the Society.

The Boss

The Bosses rule over the Society with an iron fist and take all the important decisions. They are greatly feared and respected by their members.

Objectives & RewardsObjectives & Rewards

The Boss of all Bosses has thought this through and has a plan for what's coming, rewarding his most loyal members along the way.

The 7 OG

Meet the Creators



Typical artist. You know... in his own world drawing NFTs (very good at it though)


Community Manager

Creative but not so good at drawing. That's why he's the marketer.


Art Director

Wanted to be an interior designer, decided to do branding instead.


Lead Developer

Got lost coding an app, ended up coding an NFT project.

Hubert Lapointe


Tried to do his own E-commerce website, that's why you're reading this right now.


Community Manager

Former call center agent, if you have any complaints make sure to DM his floor manager


Community Manager

Last one in the team, considered as our water boy.


The Boss of all Bosses has prepared a list of answers for general questions about High Crime Society and the specific features regarding this NFT collection.

The High Crime Society is a collection of 8,000 algorithmically generated HCS Members on the Ethereum blockchain. They are part of an organized crime group led by the Boss of all Bosses.

Each HCS Member is unique and the collection has more than 130 different hand drawn traits.

Mint begins on February 3rd 9PM UTC

Each HCS Member will cost .06 Ether.

There will only ever be 8,000 HCS Members available.

During Public Launch a maximum of 5 HCS Members can be minted in each transaction. There is no limit to the amount of HCS Members per wallet.

We developed a ranking system that is divided into 4 ranks - Soldier, Captain, Underboss and Boss. Some attributes are specific to each rank while others are shared between them.

Over time, you will be able to upgrade your NFT and change its appearance.

The future is bright as we have a several plans including a Metaverse game integration, a ranking system, airdrops and merchandise. We will be asking for your feedback in order to do what is most desired by the community.

Follow our Twitter @HighCrimeNFT and turn on notifications as we will be posting updates that will help you prepare for the upcoming launch. We highly recommend joining our discord to stay updated.

We highly recommend using the https://metamask.io/ wallet.

The Society is managed by a passionate team of artists, developers, investors and community managers. Learn more about us in the discord's channel #meet-the-team.

If you'd like to join the team, check out the discord's channel #join-the-team For any other inquiries, you can send us a message on Twitter https://twitter.com/HighCrimeNFT

A non-fungible token is a unique and non-interchangeable unit of data stored on the Ethereum Blockchain. In our case, a digital piece of art representing your HCS Member.